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Moffat Community Volunteers
Opportunities to volunteer in Moffat
A new volunteering group in Moffat is promoting the vast range of opportunities for people to get involved as volunteers in the town. We aim to show people that volunteering involves a huge range of different possibilities, in relation to both time and commitment needed, and in tasks to undertake. Everyone is welcome to be in contact and have a chat with no obligation, and we are also eager to hear from other groups who are interested in working with volunteers and from people who want to volunteer.

Moffat Community Volunteers has been up and running since May this year, with the help of a grant from the Volunteer Action Fund. It aims to involve more people in volunteering, improve co-ordination between groups, and ensure all volunteers enjoy a positive experience.
More information is available from Jon on 221663 or 07812 914188

Saturday 14th September 2013 saw the use of the kitchen for the first big event, the British Legion Coffee Morning, since its refurbishment. The volunteer ladies were able to enjoy the new units, with the range of stainless steel fittings and appliances.
The kitchen refurbishment has been the Community’s top priority for refurbishment since the original consultation on the fate of the Town Hall back in 2006. Thanks to funding support from Scottish Hydro Clyde Community Fund and Dumfries and Galloway LEADER Programme, the refurbishment has now been achieved. Instock, a leading commercial kitchen supply company from Carlisle, together with a local joiner and electrician completed the refit in time for the coffee morning. The new kitchen provides a much better working environment, and provides a greater range of facilities which can be used for catering during events
Peter Beck-Samuels, a Trust Board member, stated “It is great to see the kitchen refurbished at last, with up to date facilities and work surfaces.”

kitchen equiped

Below: busy in the Archive, Moffat Academy Students research the history of the Bath Hall
 Students reaserch

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Isobel Robson
Isabel Robson has joined the Trust as Administrative Assistant, and started with us on the 30th September. Isabel is based in the Trust’s Office just inside the Town Hall; her hours are from 10.00 a.m. until 1.00 p.m. every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Isabel’s appointment is in response to the Hall becoming increasingly busy. Her role includes helping to ensure that bookings work smoothly, together with the Council staff working in the Hall. Although she lives in Lochmaben, Isabel has links with Moffat and was born in the town.

If you have any queries regarding a booking of the Town Hall, please do get in touch with Isabel, by telephone or e-mail; or pop into the Town Hall Redevelopment Trust Office – she would be delighted to see you.

Peter Beck-Samuels,

Tel: 01683 221102
contacts: Peter Beck-Samuels, 01683 221456
Jane McCulloch, 01683 220464
Christine Haydon, 01683 221663

These are the booking rates for 2015/16 for all bookings which are made after March 31st 2015.
Booking Rates 2015/16
per hour Net VAT Total
Main Hall (Commercial rate) - 23.83 4.77 28.60
Rate [> 10 bookings / annum] - 23.24 4.65 27.89
Rate [> 20 bookings / annum] - 22.64 4.53 27.17
Reception Room (Commercial Rate) - 12.56 2.51 15.07
Rate [> 10 bookings / annum] - 12.24 2.45 14.69
Rate [> 20 bookings / annum] - 11.93 2.39 14.32
Main Hall (Voluntary rate) - 11.81 2.36 14.17
Rate [> 10 bookings / annum]- 11.52 2.30 13.82
Rate [> 20 bookings / annum] - 11.22 2.24 13.46
Reception Room (Voluntary Rate) - 6.38 1.28 7.66
Rate [> 10 bookings / annum] - 6.22 1.24 7.46
Rate [> 20 bookings / annum] - 6.06 1.21 7.27

NEW!! NEW!! News
Visit to see what's happening re Moffat Town Hall actions and events.

We aim to refurbish and redevelop the Town Hall for the benefit of the Community of Moffat and District
Moffat Town Hall is a Grade 2 listed, building built in 1827 as the Baths Hall for Moffat Spa
There have been some changes to the building, but little in the way of major refurbishment
The Hall was sold to Moffat Burgh Council under the estate of the Hope-Johnstone family [local landowners] in 1966
The Hall is now owned and managed by Dumfries and Galloway Council
It is in a prominent position in the centre of the High Street, and is a natural ‘centre point ‘ for the Town

The Trust has received lots of suggestions as to what activities might take place in the Hall once it is redeveloped. Do you agree with those suggestions, if so how strongly, and are their others that you would like to see?
Please download a form which we would like you to complete and send to us at the address below

Click Here for Form

Focus for Moffat Regeneration
New uses for Hall for all ages
Increase use by local groups & societies
‘Commercial’ – weddings conferences
Energy efficiency
Remote monitoring – NTS
Tourist Information
Maintain and expand Library
Maintain Council as major tenant
The redevelopment of Moffat Town Hall is being led by a new organisation,
Moffat Town Hall Redevelopment Trust (MTHRT) which has been constituted for the purpose. The organisation will take overall responsibility for managing the acquisition and restoration of the building and enabling the local community to take control of the future management of its operation, facilities and activities through a range of trading activities.

Moffat Town Hall


Moffat Town Hall Redevelopment Trust, Town Hall, High Street, Moffat, DG10 9HF;
01683 221102 : email:
VAT No: 947 6305 00 Registered Scottish Charity No. SC040032 Moffat Town Hall Redevelopment Trust is a Company Limited by Guarantee, registered in Scotland, No: SC344238